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If you were looking for BWPD.net please click
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If you have emailed someone at Bochynski.com and had your email bounce or never received acknowledgement of your email please read the following.

Because of the extremely large quantity of Spam circulating throughout the Internet we FILTER and BLOCK incoming email heavily. If an email is sent to someone that does not actually have an email address with us we send that email off to the black hole never to be seen again. For example sending an email to info@bochynski.com will get you no where. There is no info@ account and therefore it simply disappears. We also filter according to some very loose guidelines regarding which organizations we accept email from. For example, we do not accept emails from yahoo.com, gmail.com or hotmail.com. These so called free accounts are a primary target for spammers who open new accounts with them as fast as they are shut down for spamming. They are also widely used as a spoofed return address.

We recognize that our filtering may at times cause us to miss an email that we would like to have received. To help minimize this we have an alternative method of sending us an email that will allow us to review your info and add your email to our Friend list so that your emails will get through our filters. Spammers need not attempt to get added to our Friends list.

To contact us via this alternative Method click here.

Thank You.