Photo highlights:
Bill Erwin's
86th Birthday party,
Studio City, California

December 2, 2000

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Kevin, Bill and Kent Rasmussen

Kevin, Kathy Rasmussen, Bill Erwin, Kent Rasmussen and Pegge

Kathy and Kent Rasmussen with Bill

King for a Day!

Santa Coco and his Elves

Kent, Bill, and Pegge with poster from "Cry Baby Killer"

Bill thanks his guests

Pegge and Kevin chat with Bill

Pegge and Kevin enjoy one of Bill's quips

Bill scowls as he endures a roasting

Bill chats with Lilian Shepard and Jack Warford

Tim Erwin tells stories about his dad

Bill McPhie, Bill and Lilian Shepard

Kent and Kathy Rasmussen

Cowboy Kevin and