Tenth Annual

(20th Anniversary)

Somewhere in Time


October 26 to October 29, 2000

Grand Hotel
Mackinac Island, Michigan

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Kevin Bochynski and Bill on the Arnold Ferry to the Island

The Anderson family and Kim Mayo greet Bill in the Dining Room

Paul Cook and Bill exchange quips in the dining room

Kevin and Pegge B. with Bill

Pegge and Bill

Bill displays vintage Grand Hotel room key

Dal and Jan from Atlanta with Bill

At dinner, Saturday evening

Bill and Lilian Shepard and Lynn Anderson at surprise wedding party

Bill assists with wedding gifts

Kevin B, Tim Kazurinsky and Bill

Bill and Paul Cook

Tim Kazurinsky and Bill

Bill and Pegge B.

Bill and Kevin B.

Bill and Kevin B.

Kevin and Pegge B. in Bill Erwin sweatshirts

Bill enjoys a smoke

Sean, Melissa and Alexandra Hayden

Miss Alexandra Hayden, future movie star

Bill & Lilian Shepard with Bill; Pegge B. and vintage limo

Lilian Shepard behind the wheel of the Grand's 1959 Fleetwood

Party of four with the cool car

Kim Mayo and Bill mug for the camera

Kim Mayo; Bill; Paul and Laura Anderson

Bill with Kevin and Pegge B. in vintage attire

Bill with Kevin and Pegge B

John McCabe and John Alvin

Bill with Karen and John McCabe

John Alvin, Bill, Karen McCabe

With thanks to Lynn Anderson and Carol Ann Miller for some of the photos