Twelfth Annual

Somewhere in Time


October 24 to October 27, 2002

Grand Hotel
Mackinac Island, Michigan

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"Arthur" and his mirror twin, "Ruhtra"

Bill, Jack McCabe and Pegge

Bill, Jack McCabe and Kevin

Bill and Pegge, Friday night

Bill exposed as a stowaway on the Titanic

Mr. and Mrs. John Endahl

Lynn Anderson and Bill

Bill inspects his coach before departing

Bill prepares for his scene re-enactment

Bill and Pegge at Arthur's bungalow

Bill commandeers Wes Harris's hat

Stepehen Simon signs his new book

Paul Cook and Stephen simon

Steve Ellis with his film class

Bill and Paul Cook

Jane Seymour in costume promenade

Jane peeks through the crowd

Jane and Bill exchange greetings

Jane talks to Chris Reeve by phone

Jane recreates "the man of my dreams" soliloquy

Jane returns from the stage

Jane chats with Stephen Simon

Jane chat with fans in her gallery

Jane and Bill

Bill with Heather Simon

Convention manager, Rosalind Krause and Bill

Kevin and Pegge B. in the promenade

Pegge, Kevin and Bill

Pegge and Bill

Kevin, Pegge and Bill

Bill sounds off during the celebrity panel 

 Jane Seymour autographs poster

Program cover from Somewhere in Time Weekend

 Tim Kazurinsky poses for the camera

Bill greets fans during autograph session 

Bill Erwin with Mary (Kim Endahl's grandmother)

Jane Seymour and Stephen Simon talk with a reporter

Sean and Melissa Hayden with Melissa's parents

Bill, Kevin and Pegge B.

Bill displays his trade-mark smile

With thanks to Lynn Anderson and Kim Endahl for some of the photos