Examples of some of the VHS videos with Charles Pierce's artwork and inscriptions.

DVD copies of the entire collection of VHS videos


This private collection of 9 rare VHS tapes and exact DVD copies was a gift from Charles Pierce, and would be the perfect gift for any Charles Pierce fan.  Most items feature his handwritten dedications and signatures, photographs that he cut and pasted onto the slipcases, and original illustrations (see illustration above). Approximate timings of each item are indicated below.  See below for Terms of Sale and photos of 3 VHS covers and the DVDs.

1.  Charles Pierce at the Ballroom, 1987 (60 mins.)

VHS features hand cut color photo of Pierce as Katharine Hepburn on cover.

This cabaret performance begins with Charles as Joan Collins, arriving in front of the nightclub in a white Rolls Royce; goes inside to Charles’s “signature” character (who changes wigs, costumes, and voices constantly) through his career with opening & closing sections with original material; Mae West; Joan Collins (again); Katharine Hepburn; Bette Davis and Tallulah Bankhead in an amazing dialogue (with Charles playing both parts).  The performance ends with one of Charles’s very rare appearances in “street clothes” for a final ovation.

2.  Charles Pierce on the Dick Cavett Show, 1980 (30 mins.)

Charles is every bit the match for the baffled, boyish Cavett, who is the butt of Pierce’s endless jokes.  Their very funny conversation is interspersed with Charles as Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, and Joan Crawford, adlibbing all the way.  Charles appears as “himself” at the end to conclude the conversation.  Note: this must have been taped directly from TV, but image and sound are clear.

3.  The Charles Pierce Show at the Los Angeles Music Center, no date (90 mins.)

Charles’s most elaborate performance; polished staging; full stage orchestra; lavish costumes. 

This performance features “Ladies of the Silver Screen”: Mae West (perhaps the finest of all his recorded impressions of her, including rare footage of Charles backstage putting on the final touches; Joan Crawford as “Mommie Dearest,” Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, again in combat with both Joan Crawford and Tallulah Bankhead.  An unforgettable record of his complete mastery of material, stage, and audience.

4.  Masterpierce Theatre starring Charles Pierce (60 mins.)

VHS has a color photo of Pierce as Bette Davis on the cover; handwritten dedication, “For Richard – from Bette and all the “crazy ladies” and Charles Pierce” no date.

This show—which opens with the following title: “The following video may be hazardous to your health, sanity and sex life! and contains rare material—begins with Charles dressed in a smoking jacket, with pipe in hand, and wearing heels, evoking the format established by Alistair Cooke on “Masterpiece Theater.”  “Masterpierce Theater” includes excerpts from 25 years of his nightclub acts, including hilarious short bits, take-offs of famous TV commercials, Gloria Swanson, Maria Montez, Queen Elizabeth II (no kidding), Hepburn, Davis, and Bankhead, and much more.

5.  Charles Pierce – An Intimate Extravaganza at the Ballroom, New York, 1993 (60 mins.)

VHS inscribed from Pierce: “Dear Richard and Edgar!  We have to stop meeting like this!!  See you soon in N.Y.  Charles.”

A great cabaret performance at Charles’s favorite venue, opening with his usual insulting comments about a variety of stars, and going on to a brilliant, rare performances as Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich.  The only known taped record of Charles’s brilliant puppet show, “The Living Dolls”; once you see them (including Dolly Parton, Gypsy Rose Lee, and Julie Andrews), you’ll watch this time and again. 

6.  The Crazy Ladies of Charles Pierce at the Ballroom (60 mins.)

VHS duplicate tape of #5 with slipcase featuring hand-cut b/w photo of Pierce as Maria Montez, Pierce’s custom rubber stamps, and handwritten dedication: “For Richard and Edgar – who always laugh at my jokes  Charles."

7.  Charles Pierce at the Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, 1987 (60 mins.)

VHS features hand-cut photo of Charles as Tallulah Bankhead on cover.

Recorded at the Venetian Room of the Fairmont Hotel, this is perhaps Charles’s most candid performance; while not as smooth as his usual act, it is nonetheless very bawdy and over-the-top.  A series of wicked, insulting remarks about celebrities large and small.

8.  Charles Pierce on The Skip E. Lowe Show, 1994 (30 mins.)

Front and rear covers of VHS slipcase feature photographs cut and pasted by Pierce, and his handwritten title.

This interview—titled “Skip E. Lowe Looks at Hollywood”—took place on Charles’s 40th anniversary in show business.  He recounts how he got started and provides fascinating details of his nightclub career.  

9.  Charles Pierce Memorial Service, June 19th, 1999 (60 mins.)

This is a rare documentary record of Charles’s memorial service at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Burbank, presented only to those who attended and to close friends who were unable to attend.

It came as no surprise to those who knew Charles Pierce that he would plan and write his own memorial service, carefully choosing those friends and associates whom he wanted to be on the program.  They recount fond memories and tell funny jokes, and the mood is light and gay.  The pride of place is given to Bea Arthur, one of his dearest friends, who delivers a touching eulogy.

Extremely rare documentary footage, featuring appearances by many of Pierce’s friends and associates, and the final, touching eulogy.

Terms of Sale

Items are offered for sale only as a unit of 18 items: 9 newly-made DVDs in storage cases and 9 VHS tapes (and VHS slipcases as described above)

   Price: $750.00, includes shipping

   Payment via money order or certified check

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